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Thairapy Cleanse 

Do clients come to you with dandruff, hair loss, and dry or oily hair? Aside from a thorough braid style, most braiders aren’t able to offer treatment for their clients' scalp concerns. Bringing the Original Hair Spa treatment to your salon not only increases your services but also offers your clients a way to relax and improve their scalp and hair health. 

Hire a Thairapy Cleanse Specialist

Hair salon hairwash

Benefits & Function

No Competition

  • Differentiates from competitors by offering an exclusive service

  • Increases revenue potential by expanding salon menu

  • Equips you with solutions to your clients’ everyday scalp and hair problems

  • *No special equipment required! We perform this treatment and technique 

Luxury Service


• Scalp Detox • Signature Hydration & Moisture Cleanse • Scalp Massage | Hot Towel • Blow-dry

Additional Income

No Fees | No Loss

  • Get paid for work you dont have to do

  • Earn an additional $1,000 per month

  • Outsourced luxury service 

  • Keep all your profit

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