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Original Hair Spa +Thairapy Cleanse

We are so proud to be a black woman-owned company and able to stand by our roots and heritage. Original Hair Spa's signature product Thairapy Cleanse is a reflection of the culture and remedies that come before us.


In many African cultures hair growth remedies were made using the natural God given herbs and roots that grew right from our beautiful plant earth. We are influenced by those same methods to create our therapeutic hair and scalp cleansing and healing products by using: natural, organic & non synthetic ingredients.

Two Sisters

NO Harsh Sulfates | NO Silicones | NO Phthalates | NO Parabens | NO DEA | NO Artificial Dyes

We Stand For


Effective Results.

95% natural or naturally derived

Did You Know?

Phthalates can contribute to hair loss because they can disrupt the hormones that function to regulate your hair cycle. Although Phthalates must be listed among the ingredients on product labels they can avoid this rule if they are added as a part of the “fragrance.” Under current law, they can then simply be labeled “fragrance,” even though they may make up 20% or more of the product.

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